The latest audio program from Brené Brown: an exploration of spiritual practice and how it relates to resilience, creativity, and wholehearted living.

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Spirituality—How It Makes Us Stronger

In her research on resilient people, Dr. Brené Brown discovered a key factor. “Without exception,” she says, “the concept of spirituality emerged from the data as a critical component of resilience and overcoming struggle.” On Rising Strong as a Spiritual Practice, Brené provides an in-depth examination of this key aspect of wholehearted living, including: 


The spiritual dimension of the Rising Strong process: the Reckoning, the Rumble, and the Revolution


A sense of belonging—how spirituality encourages us to be ourselves instead of trying to change in order to fit in


Why spiritual practice helps us find meaning and purpose amid the hubbub of everyday life


How asking the question, “Are we doing the best we can?” helps us cultivate faith in our shared humanity


Why the spiritual understanding of death and rebirth are invaluable in the process of forgiveness 


Brené explores new facets of the Rising Strong process in a special interview with Sounds True founder Tami Simon

On Rising Strong as a Spiritual Practice, Brené defines spirituality as something not reliant on religion, theology, or dogma—rather, it is a belief in our interconnectedness and in a loving force greater than ourselves. Whether you access the sacred through traditional worship, solitary meditation, communion with nature, or creative pursuits, one thing is clear: cultivating your own approach to spirituality gives you an irreplaceable foundation. With this audio resource, you can arise stronger and wiser than ever before.

Digital Audio Download

Special Price


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